Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Birthday boy

I will apologize in advance since most of these are cell phone pics and blurry to boot. Just had to get a few in before I forget to much and if I wait to down load my camera that could be months. Anyway, enjoy my little guy! I sure do!

This little dude just had a birthday on Sunday. They grow up way to fast and birthdays are pretty bittersweet for me. I love that he is growing and passing all these great mile stones and he is getting to be so much fun! Oh, the conversations that we have are just hilarious! But it also makes me sad to know that these years are just flying by and that before I know it he will be a thirty something and I will be the grandma! It just brings tears to my eyes to know that this time that I have with him as a little boy is so finite. That I will only be his best buddy and that this time when he will tell twenty times a day how much he loves me will only last a little while. Anyway, I need to stop crying and give you some updates. We had his three year old well child visit yesterday so let me give you a run down of his stats.

Height 40 inches
Weight 36.6 lbs

I think his language skills are out of this world. He is really big into complicated/run on sentences and sometimes I really have to stop myself from rushing him. He likes to start sentences with, "I have and idea." Then he will end it with, "How about that?" So funny! It is hilarious to me the way he picks up on things that we say and uses them correctly. The other night Sawyer and Grandma were watching something on you tube and he was asking what it was. She replied that it was just propaganda to get little kids to want something so that the parents would buy it. So what do you know the next time he sees a commercial on TV he says, "Look mom, there is some propaganda. Will you buy me that for my birthday?" Totally made me laugh!

He has an almost photographic memory. If we read a story once or twice, he can repeat is back to me almost verbatim. Reading is one of his favorite pass times. He counts to twenty and knows all his ABC's. He is such a big help and always wants to help with dinner and laundry and of course any construction work or yard work that dad does. I swear he is the smartest kid I know! Not that I am biased or anything ;)!

Of course some of his favorite toys and games have to do with trucks, excavators, back hoes, skid loaders, tow trucks, concrete trucks, cranes, and trains. He love Lego's and Play dough as well as drawing and painting. His favorite shows right now are Scooby-doo and Octonauts as well as Phineas and Ferb and Little Einsteins. He loves to dance and sing. When we are in the car he will ask so politely to listen to his music and sing along. Such a cutie!

His favorite food.....well it depends on the day and the mood. He loves lemonade and would prefer that to milk or water any day. He likes cheese and crackers, Pb and J's, mac and cheese (but only out of the blue box) and any fruit he can get his hands on. Occasionally we can get him to eat chicken nuggets, turkey or ham sandwiches or a hamburger. His favorite vegetable would have to be either cucumbers or olives.

He is always shaking us down for spare change for his real $80,000.00 tow truck he is going to buy. By shaking us down I mean stealing any change he can find on our dresser or in the laundry room and always asking for money. He is also known for going in for a hug and searching your pockets for treats (especially if your grandma). He is known for asking her as he is digging in her pockets, "What did you bring me?" Spoiled much????

He is so super active and would love to be out running, jumping, shoveling snow, building and snow man, throwing snowballs, and playing soccer or basketball all the time. I am thinking of getting him into a tumbling class to try and help with all this energy. He loves to wrestle and jump all over his dad and is super thrilled to have him home for good! They are the very best of friends!

For Sawyer's birthday we decided to do something a little different to get him out of the house and so I wouldn't stress about having a house full of people. We invited everyone (99.9%) adults to go to Fat Cats with us. We all met on Saturday and played games and tried our had at bowling. We enjoyed pizza and cake and opening gifts. Sawyer had a blast even if it was totally crazy/busy/hectic for mom and dad! Lets just say way to many people, and way to loud but hey I guess that's what you get on a weekend in Utah. Thanks to all those who were able to be there! For those who were busy or out of town, you were missed and your gifts were much appreciated!

We also decided to take Sawyer on a little mom and dad date for his actual birthday. We ended up going to the Discovery Children's Museum down town. This is one of those interactive kids museums. Sawyer enjoyed himself and all the fun things they had to offer. Thanks to Paula for the coupon because I have to say even with the coupon this place was a little pricey for what they had to offer. On a little side note for those of you in Utah, you would be better off spending the money and the time driving and going up to Ogden to the Tree House museum. They have so much more to offer as far as things for the kids to do, a bigger space, and probably about the same price if I remember correctly. Plus I think they offer military discounts and other coupons. Totally worth the drive.

Well I guess we will wrap this up, the birthday itself was a success and now all we have to do is get our house and everyone ready for our new little guy. Wish us luck!


Jolie said...

WOW!! He just gets more and more handsome the older he gets!! I love all the pics and reading about the questions he asks and how smart the lil guy is. I'm happy for your family to have such a sweet light of joy in your lives. It's wonderful for Sawyer to have you all too :) He looks very loved!

Can't wait to see him with his new baby bro. You're doing good momma!

miss you!!!

susie said...

I can't believe he is 3 already, he's growing so fast! What a handsome and smart little dude. Happy Late Birthday Sawyer! :)